Programs Offered

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Installation Standards Training

In accordance with NH RSA 205-D, all individuals who install ("set up") manufactured housing are required to be licensed. The law states that in order to be licensed, installers must complete six hours of approved installation standards training. In order to maintain the installer license, three hours of continuing education must be completed every three years.

On February 3, 2006, the state's Manufactured Housing Installation Standards Board (MHIB) approved a course curriculum designed by the New Hampshire Manufactured and Modular Housing Association for installation standards training. The NHMMHA offers these courses to all individuals interested in obtaining a manufactured housing installers license. Registrations for the course are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Courses are taught by attorney James J. Bianco, Jr., NHMMHA's legal counsel for over 25 years, and by Peter Haynes and James Baird, both highly experienced installers.

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MCAP Dispute Resolution

The NHMMHA offers the Manufactured Housing Consumer Action Program (MCAP), a dispute resolution service for community owners facing discord in their communities. The program has proved to be very successful for both owners and residents in navigating through sometimes difficult discussions regarding rent. MCAP's primary objective is to establish a forum in which residents and community owners may air their concerns, be treated with dignity and respect, and receive fair and equitable treatment and results.

MCAP provides a professional mediator, paid for by the NHMMHA, who will review the matter and attempt to work out a resolution based on the issues.

For more information, please see this MCAP brochure.